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Rare Coyote Brown St Saint Michael Patch

Coyote Brown St Saint Michael Patch

Size: 3 1/2″ Tall x 3″ wide

This patch is fully embroidered and backed by the hook side of hook and loop fastening systems commonly known to most people by the name V-e-l-c-r-0,  this common name is a brand of hook and loop fastening systems.  The company did a recent purge of online listings that used their brand name without permission.  All hook and loop systems are interchangeable and compatible.  Except the aforementioned company’s brand costs 3 times as much as the generic brand.  This would be totally acceptable if it were 3 times as effective.

The Archangel Michael is known as the angel for being a protector and leader of the armies of God.  He is mentioned in the book of Daniel in the Old Testament and again in the epistle of Jude and book of Revelations of the New Testament.  He is also mentioned once in the Quran.

This patch would be an appropriate addition to military and law enforcement operator tactical bags, vests, jackets any place that there is the appropriate loop side of the fastening system available.


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