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Coyote Tan Spartan Molon Labe Come and Take Patch

Type: Embroidered

Backing: Hook Side only

Size: Approximately 2″ (H) x 3 3/16″ (W)

Description: This is a Spartan Molon Labe Embroidered Patch.


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Type: Embroidered

Backing: Hook side only on the patch and will adhere to the loop side of VELCRO® BRAND or generic hook and loop fastener systems.

Size: Approximately 2″ (H) x 3 1/4″ (W)

Description: This is a Coyote Tan Spartan Molon Labe Come and Take Patch.  Would be an excellent embellishment to a tactical vest or gear.

Our commitment to quality: Upon careful inspection of our patches you will find that they are more refined than most and the reason is we use a thinner thread and offers a higher level of detail than other patch manufacturers that may use a thicker thread and the result is a bit more coarse compared to our product.

Eco-friendly: Our patches are manufactured with OEKO-TEX® compliant thread

Hook and Loop Fastener Commentary: There is often confusion over what is a hook and loop fastener system is.  VELCRO® BRAND is the dominate and most recognized hook and loop fastener system.  And commonly used as nomenclature for all hook and loop fastener systems.  Its analogous to  Kleenex where the generic term is tissue