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French Bulldog Iron on Patch Embroidered Portrait

Type: Embroidered

Backing: Iron on or sew on

Size: Approximately 2″ (H) x 1 1/2″ (W)

Description: This is a French Bulldog Patch.


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Type: Embroidered

Backing: Iron on can be sewn on

Size: Refer to images.  Green background in inches.  Black background in centimeters.

Description: This is a Cairn Terrier dog laying prone embroidered patch.

Our commitment to quality: Upon careful inspection of our patches you will find that they are more refined than most and the reason is we use a thinner thread and offers a higher level of detail than other patch manufacturers that may use a thicker thread and the result is a bit more coarse compared to our product.

Eco-friendly: Our patches are manufactured with OEKO-TEX® compliant thread